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Easy to Carry Cooler Bags

Transport drinks anywhere: the beach, camping, your kid's soccer game and more with convenient and stylish cooler bags.

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    RIO Gear Insulated Cooler Beach Bag
    RIO Brands
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    RIO Insulated 32 Can Cooler Bag with Handles, Blue / Stripe Mix - Pack of 4
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    RIO Gear Insulated Cooler Beach Bag, Palms/Paddles - Pack of 6
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    RIO Gear Deluxe Insulated Cooler Beach Bag, Solids/Stripes Mix - Pack of 8
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    RIO Gear Deluxe Insulated Cooler Beach Bag, Watermelon/Oars - Pack of 4
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6 Items

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Stylish Insulated Cooler Bags Keep Your Food and Drinks Cold

Are you looking for a tote bag that can also keep your refreshments cold? A practical cooler bag is the must-have accessory for packing all the food and drinks you need for the beach, ballgame, barbeque, and more!

Cooler Bags for Safe Cold Storage at the Beach

First and foremost, beach cooler bags are made for safe cold storage on the go. They have leakproof heat sealed antimicrobial liners that prevent spillage and spoilage. They are also BPA free and PVC free, and meet the FDA’s stringent safety requirements! In addition to bringing food and beverages to the beach, cooler bags have exterior zipper pockets for your wallet, keys, and cellphone. Some beach cooler bags come with an attached bottle opener, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting one or losing one in the sand. You can also use your cooler bag to carry wet swimsuits, towels and trash home with you.

Beach Cooler Bags for More Than Sand and Surf

Cooler bags can be brought anywhere to keep food and drinks cold. They’re compact enough to use in the car when you’re on a road trip: you won’t need to stop for snacks and sodas. Is it your turn to bring juice boxes to your kid’s soccer game? Use your one to keep them cold, and the players energized! Beach cooler bags are also great for bringing a dish to a cookout. You can use a beach cooler to bring your lunch to work and brighten up your dull office space! Need to keep your groceries cold? Cooler bags are great to bring shopping. They can be used to keep frozen foods from melting and dairy products from spoiling inside your hot car. This way, you can extend your shopping trip to include more than just one trip to the store!